Rotary cutting mats are a must needed tool for rotary cutting.
Cutting mats are the base to your cutting project. The mat keeps fabric from slipping, and protecting the project surface from damage, all while keeping the blade sharper longer.

In the world of rotary mats size does in fact matter, both for safety and sanity. The bigger the mat, the longer, continuous, cut you can make with your rotary blade. Longer cuts save you time and physical labor in the cutting process, leaving more time for the creative processes later on in the project. I use a 24’’x 36’’ mat most often in my studio.This mat features 90, 60, and 40 degree angles on both sides. A red on grey print 1’’grid is on the mat, along with ⅛’’ marks. This allows you to perfectly line up and square anything you need to cut. Dual sidedness gives the mat an overall longer life. Although I love my large mats, I do have a variety of mats and the smaller mats, a 12’’x12’’, for doing miniature quilting, scrapbooking, or trying out different patterns before I commit to a large project, is one of my must haves.
Rotary cutting mats have more use than just with your rotary cutter. I use my rotary cutting mats for scissors too. This way I can cut on any surface available without any damage occurring, (no cutting carpets, or scratching tables) giving me a mobile studio option.These rotary mats aren’t just for quilting and fabric projects, they are wonderful for any paper craft or hobby knife cutting project you may have. When looking to buy your rotary mat, look for a self healing mat. These self healing mats allow for a long life to the product while keeping a high quality to each and every cut. When a mat has divots or knicks the blade can not give nice even pressure and will skip cutting pieces of material. This is highly slowed and limited in the self cutting mat.

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