Why do we line garments?

Lining a garment or project is one of a few ways we can finish the edge of a garment cleanly. Linings also allow us to incorporate trim into the edge of garments very simply and easily.

Linings are essentially making the garment, or a piece of the garment twice.

And yes I know that this seems like more work, but in the end, trust me it will make your project look all that more professional in the end, not to mention it will have a much longer lifespan.

Most commonly I would say that the lining serves to make the garment more stable, slightly thicker, more absorbent, in some cases, and finishes all of the edges in one step.
Tops of garments are often lined in order to add more material under the arms which helps with perspiration, while the skirts of garments are lined to cover the see-through factor to many skirt materials.

When choosing lining material I often go for something that is light and always breathable, even if the garments base is a polyester, I will, 9 times out of 10, choose a natural fiber lining fabric, this way part of the garment will breathe and work with my body instead of being confining.

I use light cotton muslin, light silk, rayon, and cotton sateen as lining fabrics.

These are just a few of the many types of lining materials, there are many lightweight, thin materials out there, and no matter what your project, there is a perfect lining out in the fabric world.  Keep searching, in local stores and on the World Wide Web for that perfect match, it is out there!

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