Keepsake quilting is one of the most heartwarming types of crafts.

The name itself is one of remembrance and importance.  

So how would we define keepsake quilting?

Keepsake quilting is the process of making a quilt for someone that will serve as a memento of that person or life event for years to come.

One of the most recently popularized projects is the T-shirt quilt.

These wonderful projects take all of your beloved T-shirts and consolidate them into a nice and comfy quilt. If you would like to read all about how to turn your old shirts into something more than rags check out T-shirt Quilting

So back to the topic at hand; how to make a memento for your loved one (or yourself) that will last a lifetime)

Some quilters will tell you that to make a keepsake quilt, one must follow certain parameters of size and event type.
While that is great, maybe even technically traditional, I don’t abide by those rules.

My goal is to make a quilt, that will be loved and adored for years.

So just as all people are different, so should the quilt be that is associated with them. Be sure to keep in mind the type of special occasion it is for, such as a wedding, coming out, birthday, graduation, christening, quinceanera, purchase of a first home, the birth of a grandchild, saving of a beard, or any other major, joyous life event.

There are many different and a few traditional patterns for keepsake quilting. I always determine the who and why before I choose my pattern. The subtle differences in not just the fabrics of a quilt but also the pattern can totally change the meaning behind a quilt.

Wedding Ring Band Pattern Quilt

One of the most popular examples is the wedding band pattern. Intertwining rings, as you may have guessed by the name, mostly used for newlyweds, as a wedding gift or anniversary gift. In my experience I only ever have time to conceptualize and construct a quilt AFTER a couple has been married, I usually get the finished piece to them around the cotton anniversary, which I feel is fitting for such a gift. This would not be a pattern I would recommend for beginning quilters or sewers as it does have more advanced techniques.

Of course, many other patterns can be used in the keepsake quilting category, really it is more the color and fabric choice, and of course the thought, behind the quilt than the pattern.

Log Cabin Pattern Quilt

My personal favorite type of quilt top pattern is a super versatile one, the log cabin. This pattern, with just a few differences in your keepsake quilting fabric, can morph into any look your heart desires. If you are new to log cabin quilting please check out our [Log cabin how to] to learn more about methods for construction.

Strip Quilting

Strip quilting, is one of the best techniques for fast and beautiful quilt tops, that are suited for any occasion. We have talked about the types of events these keepsake quilts are created for and a few types of patterns, just one more question.

How should we go about choosing our fabrics? and/or designing our quilt?

Great questions, that have great explanations here for “Quilting Fabric Choices and top picks” “Quilting Design with Ease

But what fabric choice comes down to is quality and feel while working with one another. If you love your fabrics, the quilt becomes more enjoyable, if you can’t stand to look at it, that becomes a future unfinished project.

Between the pattern chosen and knowing your reciprocal audience, you will make the  

Now that we know the formula for a great keepsake quilt, you are armed with presents and mementos for decades.

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